Carnival !

Yeah! I bought my carnival costume on Saturday and it looks very hrr :D
Because it's a pirat girl.
When I came out of the dressingcabine there were some girld (about 20 or else) who told me that it would really look hot and that they wanted to try it on too.
So I told them where to find them and yes .. They looked hot to then XDD

It's a short dress with earrings and a hat.
I absolutely L O V E the hat <3.

Next time I post a picture while I'm wearing it so that you can imagine a bit better.

Love & Kisses.


chocolate,baby !

Well 2 entries in 2 hours or something like that.
But I checked on

C H O C R I♥

it's SO GREAT!
and a chocolate like this makes it a cute valentines present for my boyfriend ♪

Drivers Licence

Momantaneous I'm disturbing my best friend at her work for informations of getting the drivers licence.

I'm a bit scared and it's always not so easy for me to start such big and important things.

I just like those old times for me the latest fashion cars don't look like cars. I want an old fashioned cabriolet (* A*`)

And this one is definetely perfect xD

The first thing I'm going to do while driving my first car will be listen to "Drivers High" by Larc~en~ciel.



Well I just found a site that sells gorgeous! (´V `) nails and also ships to diffrent countrys.

Those are my favourites because they are perfect for the simple everydaylife and very pretty !