last gets

actually this was all even though I wanted to save money for my tattoo but I think I will get it after my trip to Japan then (. 0 .)"

I LOVE the college jacket and i also bought a new jeans so I took an lazy outfit picture :



Today Daniel & me drove to Düsseldorf to .. make some Purikura, go shopping, go to eat and stuff. The cardrive was much fun because we listened to korean music and it brought back many memories .. (^ _^/)
Unfortunately the PuriKura automat was broken ; _ ;.

It was lots of fun and we ended up in a small korean bar to have some free Kimchi, drink some Soju and enjoy pretty people : P

cuteness !!!

by the way I need to show you guys my extensions : D

I didn't do anything to them its just for demonstration (so ignore my face as well...)