Party :D

Hey guys !
Yesterday - it was EVAS 18TH !
it was so much fun but actually my first time to drive such a long way in the car on my own (; _ ;)
I was very nervous at the start but finally it was so gr
eat driving with Patrizia and Verena (´*O*)
So because of this I wasn't allowed to drink alkohol BUT I enjoyed myself so much anyways ~.

haha we don't look amused but I love the picture. (´ 3`)9

Vivi & Me :3

Oh it was so cute
and touching when Neda, as a suprise, came back
from Korea and greated Eva for her birthday ;_;m.
Tears of happiness then : DD.

love u guys.


Baby and I

I just watched
It was so funny but also sad and touching (; 0 ;)
I'm really into asian babys, hoho xDDD.
The actor was handsome but I've seen better ones anyways ;p.

I can really recommend it :3



Hey Guys !

Finally - WEEKEND!
I feel so great even though I have to work a lot for maths and psychology ..
but anyways, I left the Spanish examen in a very good mood so i'm very positive ! : D

Today I spent my day with Kyuhyun again and he bought a Couple-Charm for the two of us (; _ ;) cuteness!
haha my Keyband from Chiquita banana xDDDD

I also bought new make up (lately, i had to get some of it out of the glass with a very long spoon because it was so empty .. haha) and the very lovely shower cream Laiyie gave me a small on for my birthday !
Such a lovely smell!
Last week I bought a lovely flower dress with Mona (´ o `) it was only 3€ !!
so, because I was finally able to updo my hair I took a photo while wearing it.
haha the necklace is also from Mona ;P