JAJA der Gackt

better late than never.

it's been incredible amazing ! ♥

after waiting about 6 fuc*ing years he finally came to Germany and I was able to get a ticket ! : D
even though I was ill I had a lot of fun with my beloved ones and enjoyed every second of the concert!

It's unnecessary to describe it in words and I was just glad to be with the best people in the universe.

can't wait for next time ;P


boredom pictures & eclipse

Eclipse has been sooooo lovely (; O ;)"
and - fortunately - the people who watched with us were very funny and noone cried,man!
lucky lucky !
I'm still on Jacobs side .__. even though he looks veeery young with this short hair.

aaand I took some pictures :
outfit was perfect for a cinema-day

todööö :0

aand I wore my shibuya 109 glasses out. (* 0 */)


I'm bored again xD
but I've got plans for today ! :3

In some minutes I need to go to buy some food (chicken and cereals :0) and maybe ask for a minijob in a bakery shop near my home (^ 0 ^/)
hopefully it will work ;^;

On the evening I go to watch eclipse with Vici and Julia (* A*)8

shalala ..

yesterdays trash was very easy to get rid of - i was suprised xD.
aaaand the best thing of all. Decreasing goes on very well and .. GACKT XD


deine eltern sind auf einem Tennistunier.

I'm bored ..
Now that my whole family is in their holiday i'm alone at home waiting for my boyfriend but it will take about an hour ..
I've got to cook ! XD

my entry is so senseless i'm sorry (; _ ;)

on Wednesday I'll go to Düsseldorf to have lunch etc. . but I need a new magazine for inspiration !

btw Toystory on TV atm sooo lovely ♥


Rheinkultur & CSD 2010

it's been awesome ! ♥

This tatoo MADE OUR DAY ! : DD

so much fun x3 even though just before the soccer game began a thunderstorm started. . . so everything was wet !! x_x; .. and I have a small flou now ;_;
.. wet .. as you can see on my hair and 'make up' .. man I looked lovely at the start of the day ;o;.
Uru and Buki where wet as well xD. many of the visitors had to wait under a very smelly bridge while the thunder was going on ..

buuuut .. JENNIFER ROSTOCK made everything .. hot and dry again ; DD. Couldn't stop dancing, maan !

Christopher Street Day in Cologne with lovely people * O *. aaaand dancing again !
my outfit of the day even though i had to change the shirt because it was wet caused by some guys with their water pistols xDDD