last happening etc .. at least some xmas stuff

Snow starts to suck ..
Since Christmas has been a while but there are some things I need to show.
Especially the Xmas Cake done for my boyfriend : D

I can not bake or even cook but I tried my best (. _ .)` but it's bad that there are no strawberries in Germany at the moment ..

I also had my 18th Birthday party with my friends and I REALLY enjoyed it. Those guys are soo awesome (; _ ;). ah and I uploaded the picture above because this was the dress I wore kinda made by myself, haha.

Christmas make up : D.
well .. I'm thinking about circle lenses but my eyes are very sensitive .. so my brain goes on working ! XDD

Yesterday we went bowling for Kios Birthday party and it was so much fun especially the night : D
I LOVE this picture :3"

random pic : o

aaaand random shopping outfit.

well. next time I try to post something more interesting .. öhöm.


Non-Asian- / Western-Gyaru

Well, when I'm really bored I sometimes stalk some online blogs (i'm sure many people do so xD) and most of them are about Gyaru fashion because i'm really interested in it.

(even though .. It's kind hard for me to follow it everyday because of some reasons x_x')

But , back to the topic.

Since Gyaru-style became kinda famous in the Western world as well ,it's even easier for me to be able to get some inspirations from people who just LOOK LIKE ME : D.

That's amazing because asian hair is so different from western hair and .. well , let's not talk about the difference of eyes.

I think some people should truly stop complaining about 'not-so-perfect'-western gyarus or people who are starting to get into it..

Honestly some of them just inspire me more than Popteen, Jelly etc.

Thanks to those guys ~ ♥

[sorry for the random post but I just felt the tendency to write it down :x]

byes. : D


yum yum!

Hello !

Finally I got all 'stickers' from by strapya delivery so that I could decorate my mobile phone again (´* A*)/

The pictures are very bad .. but .. isn't the gingerbreadman awesome ? ; o ;

I put a mistletoe above my bed ♥


Christmas shopping weekend

Hey there ~
I know I'm late again but last Saturday I went to Cologne with four of my loveliest (´ o`)
first of all my outfit. it wasn't very special because 5 hours of shopping need an relaxing outfit XD
so cold outside !!! (; _ ;`)8 [btw this isn't my room .. öhöm.]

we first wanted to go the Christmas market but christmas presents shopping took us way to long so we decided to bether have dinner in a korean restaurant.
it was very cheap so don't ask ..xD Pias xmas present. *-* lovelove.




nehmt euch ein beispiel an ihm!


hopefully dreaming

sorry for beeing away so long but school and driving license is killing my freetime ..
so first i'll post my latest fashion inspirations from Popsister 11

I want her dress and those lovely! earwarmers (´* O*)

so great! Especially her hair and I try to ignore the foxtail ... (x_x)m

The shoes are perfect and I hope to finde some like this as soon as possible ;_;'

well, I found some old shoes and a old skirt that I bought about two years ago so I mixed it up :

todööö : D Ribbon is from my old skirt :3


Yesterdays morning I did not feel well so I tried taking a walk hopefully to find something beautiful in my hometown that would brighten my day so I show you some:

that house is so cute (* 0*/)haha. byes take care in the cold weather : DDD



oh la la : D

isn't it cute ? I mean .. it's exactly the same mouth and yeah (´O `)

aaaand what I always wanted to say since I saw VAMPS "angel trip" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A83IEoKO_eA&feature=fvst) is thaaaat ..

Hyde looks totally like that :

it's so fu*ing great haha.


home made of snowflakes

oh how i would like to go back ..
how i miss it ..
and how i would LOVE to see my second homeplace like this ..

i'm getting sentimental...


A day out in the rain

Yesterday I went to Düsseldorf with Pia ♥

First we took some PuriKura :

actually my outfit & hair wasn't great but Pia mad herself curls so she wanted those Pictures and now I think some of them are cute : D

then I bought a magazine (POP SISTER) this one for the first time because Pia was like "you're turning 18 Popteen is too young for you now " xD and the whole day was like this (o_o);

sorry for the bad quality x:

later this day we went on shopping and visited Dulce ♥ it's sooo lovely there ~ but we DEFINETELY had to much of it (; //3//;)

So .. this is what I got :

ear warmersby H&M

aaaand it's been a while but I just wanted to show you guys what my boyfriend got me as a suprise (;_ ;)♥

it's VIVIENNE WESTWOODs "Let it Rock" Fragrance & Body Lotion ~ :3. love it !


money can't buy me love : D

some days ago I needed some eggs so I looked into our fridge and here is what i found xD :

I phoned my mother if she has to much money xD but she explained, that her boyfriend found a cell that he tried to give back so as a response the guy whos cell it was gave this bottle to us.

I can't wait to kill it ;3

Probably it's not the best but I like it (haha my nose (_ ._m)) ♥

I'm glad to have a day out with Pia on Saturday ~ (♥* 3*)


Besser spät als nie

I know I'm late cause Halloween has been a while but I still want to say that I had a lot of fun with a good friend watching horror movies and relaxing on her bed : D

we watched Ring 0, Dracula (the old school one ;p) aaaaand Blair Witch Project .. oh how I hate the movie .. but it's something like a tradition to watch it on Halloween and of course it's a tradition to be scared to the bones after watching it ..

her mum was so cute and brought some cake and white wine (´* A*)9 for us.

I really enjoyed the evening/night (^3^/)



Yesterday I went shopping in the Netherlands so this is what I got (to name only the clothes):

isn't it cute ? ; _ ; and so perfect for winther ~

it isn't as shiny as it seems but very lovely ~ : D
aand a simple cardigan.
I only spent 35€ for everything (* 0 */)

and today I'll go to Vicis for a Halloween night x3


Last hours of my life

Baaah .. tomorrow school starts again ..
I even hate the tought of it .. everthing is soo boring ; _ ;

So today I felt like uploading the latest random pictures xD

Last Week I met a friend who just came back from Japan so we could talk about all the lovely things he experenced and ha much fun doing so : D
Aaaaand .. he smoked Mild seven lights and stuff as you MAY see on the picture above ;p


it's kaijse,man ! Kio & I took him with us as we had breakfast at Bakery my Heart but Blogger doesn't want to uplod his picture (=.=)/

In the morning my boyfriend and me finally watched :

I never thought it would be as bad as it really was ..
Honestly I was so mad .. there were many easy things to improve the movie. It starts at bulmas hair (she only has two blue streaks) and ends with the fact that Goku never ever went to High school neither got bullied there ..

Anyways watching the movie and comparing it to the series made me want to see te series again (; 3;) ..

sorry for the long entry o.o