H00TERS & Supersweet 18 ♥


On the 12th a friend of mine celebrated her 18th Birthday it was real FUN!
First we went Bowling and then finally had lunch and drinks at HOOTERS in Cologne.

The girls weren't as "hot" as on the pictures (that's as well what all the boys in there said xD)

My friend Babsi and I shared Mozarella sticks and curly fries and the sauce just tasted like Miracoli (r) XD it wasn't that tasty and we didn't had any hunger.

But all the others like the food as you can see in here o_ô;;

From inside.

I really enjoyed it but we had to walk about half an hour till midnight because the train wasn't coming (; _ ;)""

I wanted to curl my hair with the straightener but I went wrong (_ . _)m


A boy..

.. should be like what ?

That question goes around in my mind like all the time the last days and for me there are some features a boy(friend) definetely needs : P

Even though noone will read it I feel like writing it down.

- he has to care for the ONE girl

- he has to make her laugh even though she's close to tears

- he has to tell her how much he loves her without beeing to kitschy

- he has to fight for her

- he has to suprise her with small (personal) presents (e.g. letters) or activitys

- he has to listen to her very closly

- he has to quarrel her sometimes

- he has to tell her how beautiful she looks today

- he has to invite her sometimes

- he has to introduce her to his friends

- he has to be honest no matter what

- he has to hold her hand no matter who's next to him

- he has to be faithfull

maybe I missed some points but I think those 'abilitys' are very important to be happy together



Sorry for being away for so long but I had a lot to do and stuff ..
but well today I feel like doing more about my online-life : P or whatever you want to call it.
The most interesting thing I did the last weeks was a trip to Berlin :

x3. Those three are some of my schoolmates. Brandenburger Tor. The day was so hot and lovely.
- second from left. love how my hips look ; p

aaaand the best thing of all was eating Häagen Dazs ice cream (* o *) Strawberry white cheese cake. ; ^;/
Conclusion :
The day was very lovely even though there was one person really getting on my nervs ..
And for me it was nearly impossible to find something to shop because one the one hand it was expensive and on the other hand there wasn't anything special ..