last happening etc .. at least some xmas stuff

Snow starts to suck ..
Since Christmas has been a while but there are some things I need to show.
Especially the Xmas Cake done for my boyfriend : D

I can not bake or even cook but I tried my best (. _ .)` but it's bad that there are no strawberries in Germany at the moment ..

I also had my 18th Birthday party with my friends and I REALLY enjoyed it. Those guys are soo awesome (; _ ;). ah and I uploaded the picture above because this was the dress I wore kinda made by myself, haha.

Christmas make up : D.
well .. I'm thinking about circle lenses but my eyes are very sensitive .. so my brain goes on working ! XDD

Yesterday we went bowling for Kios Birthday party and it was so much fun especially the night : D
I LOVE this picture :3"

random pic : o

aaaand random shopping outfit.

well. next time I try to post something more interesting .. öhöm.


Non-Asian- / Western-Gyaru

Well, when I'm really bored I sometimes stalk some online blogs (i'm sure many people do so xD) and most of them are about Gyaru fashion because i'm really interested in it.

(even though .. It's kind hard for me to follow it everyday because of some reasons x_x')

But , back to the topic.

Since Gyaru-style became kinda famous in the Western world as well ,it's even easier for me to be able to get some inspirations from people who just LOOK LIKE ME : D.

That's amazing because asian hair is so different from western hair and .. well , let's not talk about the difference of eyes.

I think some people should truly stop complaining about 'not-so-perfect'-western gyarus or people who are starting to get into it..

Honestly some of them just inspire me more than Popteen, Jelly etc.

Thanks to those guys ~ ♥

[sorry for the random post but I just felt the tendency to write it down :x]

byes. : D


yum yum!

Hello !

Finally I got all 'stickers' from by strapya delivery so that I could decorate my mobile phone again (´* A*)/

The pictures are very bad .. but .. isn't the gingerbreadman awesome ? ; o ;

I put a mistletoe above my bed ♥


Christmas shopping weekend

Hey there ~
I know I'm late again but last Saturday I went to Cologne with four of my loveliest (´ o`)
first of all my outfit. it wasn't very special because 5 hours of shopping need an relaxing outfit XD
so cold outside !!! (; _ ;`)8 [btw this isn't my room .. öhöm.]

we first wanted to go the Christmas market but christmas presents shopping took us way to long so we decided to bether have dinner in a korean restaurant.
it was very cheap so don't ask ..xD Pias xmas present. *-* lovelove.




nehmt euch ein beispiel an ihm!