Yesterday I went shopping in the Netherlands so this is what I got (to name only the clothes):

isn't it cute ? ; _ ; and so perfect for winther ~

it isn't as shiny as it seems but very lovely ~ : D
aand a simple cardigan.
I only spent 35€ for everything (* 0 */)

and today I'll go to Vicis for a Halloween night x3


Last hours of my life

Baaah .. tomorrow school starts again ..
I even hate the tought of it .. everthing is soo boring ; _ ;

So today I felt like uploading the latest random pictures xD

Last Week I met a friend who just came back from Japan so we could talk about all the lovely things he experenced and ha much fun doing so : D
Aaaaand .. he smoked Mild seven lights and stuff as you MAY see on the picture above ;p


it's kaijse,man ! Kio & I took him with us as we had breakfast at Bakery my Heart but Blogger doesn't want to uplod his picture (=.=)/

In the morning my boyfriend and me finally watched :

I never thought it would be as bad as it really was ..
Honestly I was so mad .. there were many easy things to improve the movie. It starts at bulmas hair (she only has two blue streaks) and ends with the fact that Goku never ever went to High school neither got bullied there ..

Anyways watching the movie and comparing it to the series made me want to see te series again (; 3;) ..

sorry for the long entry o.o


dreaming dreaming

Yesterdays evening I went to DDorf with Kio ♥

All the japanese shops are much more lovely and relaxing between 18-19 o'clock because the noisy german teenagers are lying in bed and everything just feels like .. yes, a bit like home : D
I know it's ridicoulus to say XD, anyways.

What I love about those evenings with Kio is talking about everything and dreaming about the future like naive children :3 ♫

so we first did some PURIKURA and then went to Relax

it was really relaxing (haha !)

Kio had Caramell Machiato and I ordered hot chocolate ..
but ! guys we need a new plays to meet or hang on ; __ ;
everything there got so expensive !!!
I mean - who wants to pay 5 euro for our mango ice tea ? (´; 3;)

bad bad bad.


LV & Murakami

todööö !!
This is the bag I've chosen for my 18th Birthday 'cause I found it on a page called "iOffer"
But there's one problem because I'm not sure if I can trust the page at all .. just because I don't know it yet ;_;.

Does anyone ? I really need help (. ____.`)


nailproblem ;_;

Nails day on thusday !

and I don't know how to creat them ..
is someone out there having an idea ?