Well .. ConTopia on saturday - it was awesome ,really ! :3

aaaand BEST ENGLISH EXAM IN THE WHOLE CLASS ! it also went to the principal.
man man man (* 0 */)

But .. the thing I wanted to talk about is the last sunday.

Me and my boyfriend went to the Japanese garden where my mom went to when she was pregnant with me (^ _ ^)

It was so wonderfull

perfect weather and just lovely ~ *3

well, I don't remember the last time I was so happy with him and I lately gave up that it could be like this.

(some "present" the younger brother of my boyfriend prepared with his instruction on the telephone for me : D) btw the alcohol was for Contopia,guys xD
Hmm .. momantanous i'm simply happy (even though I still have to decrease a lot x0) and I hope it will last for a while ...


Updating Life

Hey Guys !

After I heard some people would truly read my blog I thought it would be usefull to write some .. "interesting" things.

Well .. I'm a toilet-interested person xD. Really if I find a lovely (is that a fitting word for something like WCs ? xDD) toilet I HAVE to take a picture about it's special abilitys o.o

So as I went to a greek restaurant with the family of my moms boyfriend at easter I saw this one :

Isn't it great ??? (* O */) The seat turns around everytime a new visitor comes in to clean it. perfect! :3

Well .. German lessons are ALWAYS fuc*ing boring because of my teacher BUT! the last lesson someone (let's better say it was my male best friend o.o"" stupid as always) simply broke the sink of her.

The last friday I went out with Pia and Laiyie ♥

Just a lovely relaxing day. Love u guys ♥


What I've been up to : D

Hey Guys !

Since my last post has been about what seems months ago I'll give you a brief review of the latest interesting things : D

Look what I found in a writing stuff shop in Cologne !! *___*
Those are cakes who hold knifes for your daily bread .. x3
I totally fell in love with them but since I don't have a use for it and my pocket is so fucking empty I've got to wait till they're bit cheaper at all.
Last Saturday I went to a Maid Café with my friend where a find worked as a Host xD
Isn't she lovely ~ ? ;P

That's what they served. Cute, isn't it? 132434213 Calories for 2 euro 8DDD
Then I had my Kio-weeked which wasn't a weekend at all o.O"
But I had a lot of fun x333

Bakery my Heart at 11 o'clock in the morning. The place where you get the cheapest and most delicous breakfast at that time *__* I totally felt like beeing in Japan again when we were eating there :3

Our 6 euro breakfast x3well .. have you ever eaten a red bean filled An-Pan ? It was my first and HONESTLY the last time.

And last but not least :
The trip to Japan in Winter seems to be OK! (* o*)/
Man, I'm so happy coming home again. ;3;