cosplay in Tv ... again!

man ..
there's a girl wearing a cat cosplay on "wer wird Millionär" at the moment (x _ x")

Now they talk about the "scene" all the time and .. WHY THE HELL HAS SHE TO WEAR IT IN TV ? ..

emberassing ..

and the best thing of all she is stupid like whatever. . .
again this threws a perfect life on people who love cosplay and do it in their freetime.



holiday holiday

it's again better late than never :0

I've been to a village 60km near Nice called St Aygulf a bit like St Tropez just without Paris Hilton ; P

as we arrived the weather was something like a monsoon (x ^x); .. all of us were so scared that the whole week would become like this but firtunatley we had a lot of sun x3

In the supermarket they hd so many cuuuute sweets aaaand maccarons !! : DDD

at night we had three small visitors at our balcony : D they were soo cute and lovely ~ ♥

all in all I had a very good and luxury time ~ :|3
we had our own pool (; 3 ;)/

@ a amusement park in St aygulf. the attractions looked cute but i only got many hemathoms because of 'em...

Bye Bye ♥ (ignore my eye circles .. btw my brother on the right if you didn't recognize yet. ^^)


vacaaatin : D

In one hour the taxi to the airpot will arrive and at 10 o'clock the plane will start
to France :3 ~

will miss u guys a lot but bring you some presents



jaja die kio

kann so gute Bilder machen :3
da fällt einem fast der fette Arm nicht auf XD


room shopping

Me and my mom went shopping to buy a table next to my bed aaand
it was more difficult than I thought (x _ x)""
we walked about 4 hours and visited 5 shops but in the last one I found one that is simple but adorable.
Unfortunately I'm only allowed to get it in three days ; o ;~

buuut the last shop was very .. eeh special.
I totally felt like being in cathouse sometimes ..
so I HAD to take a picture of one of those special exhibitions :


(vacations on saturday ♥)


oooh ♥

my brother just came back from holidays and brought me a present ! :3
he said he just saw it and thought it was the perfect present for me ♥

ha ha : D

aaaand .. this picture scares me |D

animagic 2010

It's been ANIMAGIC time agaaaain ~ ♥
we had so much fun all those three days and nearly everybody was there (; 0 ;)
There were so many random people taking pictures of us - we already felt famous ;P
aaaand we gave an interview about dancing PARA PARA and the purpose of KIGURUMIS (if they really have one .. xD)

Laiyie & Me on the second day.