how juicy !

Today I went shopping with my Mom aaaand ..
found out that Tamaris sells Juicy Couture bags (* O */)

this is the one I got (´ A `*)

i'm really glad now ha ha : D


german .. what ?

oh my ..
im so pissed.

Momantaneous i'm at the computer in my school and it's been really boring but now ..
it's been silently in here and I could do my work but since three "boys" (sure they're 'bout .. 19 ?) entered it's been noisy ... aaaand I DON'T UNDERSTAND A FUCKING WORD THEY'RE BARKING !

They're like screaming and laughing around all the time but don't use one single german word !
it sucks really ..

they're in a german school with german people around them (most of the time .. i think) so why ?

It's important to not forget about your motherthongue but PLEASE use it at home 'cause it's just respectless to us - the german people who live in here. (yes, it's still Germany - of course)

my time is up now and I better shut up and most of those who'll read this may know why.

anyways thanks for reading : D



Das Leben wär so schön . . .

hätte ich eine Spiegelreflexkamera XD

aaah btw ich darf bald meine eigene Kolumne schreiben ;p


learning japanese by tits ? XD

pls watch it xDDD
i couldn't stop laughing and .. eeh .. beeing ashamed at the same time.


im sorry to say that girl - and maybe i'm a bit to cruel but ..



wuhuuuu !

PARIS - 16.10.2010 ♥

Kio told me that she saw an live announcement on NHK world and ... we decited to go to Paris then : D. (if our parents say yes but I hope they'll understand that it's been years of waiting ; _ ; )

hach ~ ♫


fashion updates

shopping update : D
those are my latest babys (* A*`)

after looking for those shoes so many months I finally found cheap ones at H+M but one size to much .. ;0;. but now that it's winther big socks are even more lovely x3

bought in a small shop in Fréjus.

absolute love! and easy to combine :3

and again after looking for a pretty one I found an also cheap one at claire's. I need it so much because my room door is half made of glass and my boyfriends flat is si bright x ___ x.. even in the morning.

aaaand the best thing of all !!


love !
can't wait to see his new movie : DDD.