ah .. fangirl x_x

As you may recognize on the left side on my blog i'm sooo into Hyde from L'arc~en~ciel since years (; 0 ;)
I'm such a fangirl, ah ah.
And to make it more worse i love! Gakuhai XDD ~ (yeah. i know it's weird but i like it..)

but some people .. do just have to much free time to prepare something like this :

well of course i was like 'flshöaäswhVHNÄ mee gusta!' but .. how m
uch ti
me did this take ? (' 3 ')/
(stolen from -> http://larukunotenshi.forumcommunity.net/?t=24611475)

This post is so senseless but it's 02:36am and the last thing I can r
emember was the Gackt concert in Cologne which was sooo awsome (´* *)
and .. i won't say something about this guy Jon, haha ...

anyways to end this senseless thing :

awwwww (´* 3*)m I love tattoos so much and his back is so .. yeah fangirl stuff .. x_x should ,, stop...

as I told you before my friends and I went to the Gackt YFC concert on saturday so we decided for KFC for lunch,haha.
we drove there by car, ok actually i did. i'm always so nervous when i drive on the autobahn and stuff but it was lots of fun with my friends so it was an easy thing. isn't my car cute ?

Pia and Verena on the back seat, haha.

Thanks a lot to Gackt, YFC and the stuff for this beautiful concert.
Actually I still want the 'old' Gackt back - but this concert brought me back to those times a bit so I was very happy the whole night.
Even though his style and stuff changed this amazing and special voise didn't.

Thank u.


anime nostalgia

Hey Guys !

Already had a great weekend.
Today Patrizia and Verena came over to my place so we first watched Hachiko (; O ;) so that the two of them could get a connection to the statue in shibuya station when we go there.
Touching as always ! (saw it about 5 times, haha.)

But after it we watched some old anime openings from our childhood and
earlier youth ! (´ ³`)
Fell in love again with Digimon, Kickers, Jeanne, wedding
peach, beyblade and so on !

I wanted to watch all of them again but I don't have enough time for it !
So I decided to watch 'CLAMP school detectives' because you can watch ANY episode without knowing what happend before haha.

it is sooo cute and amuseing

aaah (´ ____ `); .. i love the feelings i connect with all those lovely series.
we planned some anime nights at our places and i hope we can do it very soon ! (T m T)

also found those guys : D they are so damn cute, haha ^O^. (lol. sorry for the enlarged pic)

buuut I want to watch 'Hikaru no go' as soon as possible because my money is to precious to buy manga,eeeh.

ok this post was senseless but i'm so into the stuff, hehe.



Hey guys !

haha 3 new followers since i've been away .. haha i was wondering if anyone would ever read my stuff ahaha xD
anyways, thank you ! (makes me proud, eeeh)

So, i'm back from Calella/Barcelona in Spain !

I love foreign cities so I enjoyed myself so much !

but because there isn't much to tell that someone out of my inner
circle would interest i just show some pictures :

part of our hotelroom (untidy ..) and a simple outfit to visit a bar in Calella. (my face is so ugly on all three pics ._.)


hahaha this pic is so ugly but see the love between us? ahaha XDDD

well, it was so hot that i also went to the beach even though I hate beeing with all those lovely thin bikini girls (but .. isn't my tattoo hot as well ? ;P)

hotel pool with some of my classmates in it.
in Gaudí house.

having lunch in a DimSum house in Barcelona. omnomnom (´ A`)*
bought the lovely top and necklace in barcelona ! : D''

Actually this wasn't all but enough for this time.

Enjoy the summer by the way !