ah .. fangirl x_x

As you may recognize on the left side on my blog i'm sooo into Hyde from L'arc~en~ciel since years (; 0 ;)
I'm such a fangirl, ah ah.
And to make it more worse i love! Gakuhai XDD ~ (yeah. i know it's weird but i like it..)

but some people .. do just have to much free time to prepare something like this :

well of course i was like 'flshöaäswhVHNÄ mee gusta!' but .. how m
uch ti
me did this take ? (' 3 ')/
(stolen from -> http://larukunotenshi.forumcommunity.net/?t=24611475)

This post is so senseless but it's 02:36am and the last thing I can r
emember was the Gackt concert in Cologne which was sooo awsome (´* *)
and .. i won't say something about this guy Jon, haha ...

anyways to end this senseless thing :

awwwww (´* 3*)m I love tattoos so much and his back is so .. yeah fangirl stuff .. x_x should ,, stop...

as I told you before my friends and I went to the Gackt YFC concert on saturday so we decided for KFC for lunch,haha.
we drove there by car, ok actually i did. i'm always so nervous when i drive on the autobahn and stuff but it was lots of fun with my friends so it was an easy thing. isn't my car cute ?

Pia and Verena on the back seat, haha.

Thanks a lot to Gackt, YFC and the stuff for this beautiful concert.
Actually I still want the 'old' Gackt back - but this concert brought me back to those times a bit so I was very happy the whole night.
Even though his style and stuff changed this amazing and special voise didn't.

Thank u.

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O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo? said...

It's weird, you're right. ;p

And, yes, it was a great evening.
Und nicht zu vergessen der Türke von der Ampel! XD