anime nostalgia

Hey Guys !

Already had a great weekend.
Today Patrizia and Verena came over to my place so we first watched Hachiko (; O ;) so that the two of them could get a connection to the statue in shibuya station when we go there.
Touching as always ! (saw it about 5 times, haha.)

But after it we watched some old anime openings from our childhood and
earlier youth ! (´ ³`)
Fell in love again with Digimon, Kickers, Jeanne, wedding
peach, beyblade and so on !

I wanted to watch all of them again but I don't have enough time for it !
So I decided to watch 'CLAMP school detectives' because you can watch ANY episode without knowing what happend before haha.

it is sooo cute and amuseing

aaah (´ ____ `); .. i love the feelings i connect with all those lovely series.
we planned some anime nights at our places and i hope we can do it very soon ! (T m T)

also found those guys : D they are so damn cute, haha ^O^. (lol. sorry for the enlarged pic)

buuut I want to watch 'Hikaru no go' as soon as possible because my money is to precious to buy manga,eeeh.

ok this post was senseless but i'm so into the stuff, hehe.

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