Yesterday was "MAXIMUM THE HORMONE" time : D
maaaan, it was just awsome !
thanks for the great concert guys !

(by the way i am so proud I could understand their Japanese a bit m
ore than last time,yay)

Since Lydia and I were forever alone at home she spent the night at my place and we decided to watch "15" by Roystan Tan.
I saw them about 6 years ago only in Chinese without any subtitles so it was great we could finally watch it with English subs!
I can really recommend it because it shows a different side of the youth in Singapore and everything is so authentic because they used real kids from the streets as actors!
thumbs up.

Then we wanted something funny so we watched "Go Go Gboys" XD

woah it was SO gay but also funny and touching ! (by the way I prefer taiwanese movie kisses because they are different from those fu*king wall kisses as seen in korean and japanese dramas =_=')
Can recommend it as well .. but .. you have to come along with a lot of eeeeh queerness or so,haha (´x 3 x)

And on the evening I was forever alone again XD so I wanted to watch the short movie "Just Friends?"

it was pure sugar ! but way to short and - for me - there were to many questions left at the end ;_; (I think it's about 40 minutes or so) but still deals with some 'gay issues' that need to be mentioned to be a authentic gay movie, haha. (you know, like problems with parents or in the job)

yes .. since I had a long time watching Drama stuff I just needed this bunch of gayness XD


food & stuff

Hey Guys !

I had three great days with my friends !
Since I can't see them on wee
kdays (and I'm so down from school ..) I always enjoy every hour with them ! : D

omnomnom bubble tea : D in front of BoboQ Cologne with Lydia and Mona.

Right before Lydia and me wanted to try the oh so famous frozen yoghurt and since there is a "Foxberry" shop in Cologne we did so !
There was the normal cup with frozen yoghurt and two toppings (strawberry and cheesecake for me :3) for 4,10 € !
the price is so great since it was nearly to much for me to eat !

then we went to look for special places and shops in my hometown and we found some but .. yeah .. XDD

Yesterday I was out with Vivi and we had so much fun !
Our super ice cup from Dulce yum yum ! (we shared it since it was SO much)

after some shopping without money we spend the rest of our evening in a korean bar in Düsseldorf to have dinner and have some heart to heart talks : D
it was so yummy and since I came home so late I really recognized that it was a great day (haha it was the first day that we met without the others ^^)

aaaaand to end this entry full of food spam I want to show you my new haircolor :

I look so scary in this picture aaaah.


Weekend drinking time

Hey Guys !

Since I had an exam on saturday morning my weekend wasn't THAT long but I had so much fun !

Friday was the birthday party of my younger cous
in and I had to take a picture of the delicious dessert I shared with another girl :

Because I was bored on saturday morning I put a lot of eyemakeup on and at the end it looked like this :
at this point i'm really proud that I don't need to wear false lashes : D'

Because my friend Daniel is at the army now we REALLY had to do some party on the weekend so we first had some Ramen and then went to a korean bar to have some free Kimchi and drink Soju.

next to us there were some three older japanese people doing the
same like we did,haha. As they found out we could speak Japanese as well everything turned out to be such an exicting evening !
We could practice our language skills and the people were SO cute and nice.

They wanted us to join them for dinner and yes .. after 5 hours we killed 4 or 5 bottles of Soju, some Kimchi and laughed a lot.
It was so amusing that they think about the German 'Japan scene' the way we do.
Honestly I enjoyed myself so much! ok, a little to much because I truly got a bit to drunk,haha.

After we decided to leave we promised to say hello to each other next saturday again.

Ah, and it was so nice the guys in the bar played Big Bang and f(x) (´ 3`)9

At the end I want to show you my outfit even though it wasn't so special I like it.
close up x:

so today is ms relaxing day ! I already bought some ice cream to eat with my grandpa and now eating some melon while looking like this :

haha sorry for the long entry.


SMTOWN LIVE IN PARIS ON 11th JUNE 2011 [veeery picture heavy xD]

Hey guys!

I'm so .. perfectly happy !

After meeting in Cologne we drove about .. aaa
h .. 8 hours because there was SO MUCH traffic.

we really look shitty but after that we took some times for make
up haha 8D'

They announced that the concert would start about 7 p.m
. but because of our traffic problems we were soo late that we had to jump out of the standing car to run about 1 km !
aaaah .. we were so nervous that they might start in time
t fortunately we reached Zenith at 7:20 p.m. and it was pe
rfect!! no waiting, no problems and only two lines of people infront
of us.
it was amazing !
the whole show was perfectly prepared and we cried a lot (; 3;/)

I just show you my favourite pictures (actually .. i did not
take so many videos etc because Eva and me had to DAAAAAAANCE) :

we couldn't eat about 24hours after we saw skinny SNSD (T ³ T);;

isn't he just .. awwwwww ? (´; ____;)


(for more videos visit my youtube channel - it's NOT improved .. -

The rest of the night we went out to see Paris (haha).

aand to come to an more or less sensfull end we spend the
morning in some kind of asia town because the Parents of Vivi wanted to go shopping : D
found a bubble tea store haha.

I'm sorry for this messy entry but this is just what my head looks like (´ 0 `)8

Just want to say

& thank you to my wonderful Eva, Nina, Vivi and Naka.


pizza party and love poems

Yesterday till today there was some kind of relaxing home party and my place and it was so AWSOME!
I'm so happy now ~ ( ´ O`)*

actually .. we made a lot of pizza and at the end our glorious idea of a sweet pizza.
instead of tamato sauce = vanilla yoghurt
instead of cheese = white chocolate and the rest was full of truffle, mars and stuff.

I enjoyed myself so much with them but we weren't able to take pictures .. (. - .)'
couldn't stop laughing the whole night and can't even do so now !
me gustaaa :D

yeh. I also finally bought my relaxing flower trousers for the 12 hours flight to Japan and any other relaxing days :
haha sorry for looking THAT shitty but it was a relaxing daay after all..

thanks for the great two days my loveliest ~