hopefully dreaming

sorry for beeing away so long but school and driving license is killing my freetime ..
so first i'll post my latest fashion inspirations from Popsister 11

I want her dress and those lovely! earwarmers (´* O*)

so great! Especially her hair and I try to ignore the foxtail ... (x_x)m

The shoes are perfect and I hope to finde some like this as soon as possible ;_;'

well, I found some old shoes and a old skirt that I bought about two years ago so I mixed it up :

todööö : D Ribbon is from my old skirt :3


Yesterdays morning I did not feel well so I tried taking a walk hopefully to find something beautiful in my hometown that would brighten my day so I show you some:

that house is so cute (* 0*/)haha. byes take care in the cold weather : DDD



oh la la : D

isn't it cute ? I mean .. it's exactly the same mouth and yeah (´O `)

aaaand what I always wanted to say since I saw VAMPS "angel trip" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A83IEoKO_eA&feature=fvst) is thaaaat ..

Hyde looks totally like that :

it's so fu*ing great haha.


home made of snowflakes

oh how i would like to go back ..
how i miss it ..
and how i would LOVE to see my second homeplace like this ..

i'm getting sentimental...


A day out in the rain

Yesterday I went to Düsseldorf with Pia ♥

First we took some PuriKura :

actually my outfit & hair wasn't great but Pia mad herself curls so she wanted those Pictures and now I think some of them are cute : D

then I bought a magazine (POP SISTER) this one for the first time because Pia was like "you're turning 18 Popteen is too young for you now " xD and the whole day was like this (o_o);

sorry for the bad quality x:

later this day we went on shopping and visited Dulce ♥ it's sooo lovely there ~ but we DEFINETELY had to much of it (; //3//;)

So .. this is what I got :

ear warmersby H&M

aaaand it's been a while but I just wanted to show you guys what my boyfriend got me as a suprise (;_ ;)♥

it's VIVIENNE WESTWOODs "Let it Rock" Fragrance & Body Lotion ~ :3. love it !


money can't buy me love : D

some days ago I needed some eggs so I looked into our fridge and here is what i found xD :

I phoned my mother if she has to much money xD but she explained, that her boyfriend found a cell that he tried to give back so as a response the guy whos cell it was gave this bottle to us.

I can't wait to kill it ;3

Probably it's not the best but I like it (haha my nose (_ ._m)) ♥

I'm glad to have a day out with Pia on Saturday ~ (♥* 3*)


Besser spät als nie

I know I'm late cause Halloween has been a while but I still want to say that I had a lot of fun with a good friend watching horror movies and relaxing on her bed : D

we watched Ring 0, Dracula (the old school one ;p) aaaaand Blair Witch Project .. oh how I hate the movie .. but it's something like a tradition to watch it on Halloween and of course it's a tradition to be scared to the bones after watching it ..

her mum was so cute and brought some cake and white wine (´* A*)9 for us.

I really enjoyed the evening/night (^3^/)