holiday, oh, holiday

Hey guys !

I'm , like always, lazy with blogging but life keeps me positively busy these days ~
I also discovered my love for korean bbq and food in general ! I went to some restaurants in my near to 'celebrate' holidays with some close friends.
There has also been Pias birthday (now she's 21.. and we got to know each other when she was .. like .. 16? aww) last week and we had much fun hanging around. Lydia and me put Pias presents into the balloons because she doesn't like to get 'embarassing' attention haha.
on Monday - HALLOWEEN! Lydia and me dressed up as .. some .. zombiestuff girls at my home and then went to a party to see some friends and later my boyfriend. ♥
we had much fun dancing the whole night ! Thanks for the great night! : D
my 'outfit' .. and my messed up room after our dressing session.

And today I went to Venlo with Vivi. didn't buy much clothes but lovely food and chocolate and alcohol.. can't wait to try all the stuff

Of course you know the brand 'Hollister' so this is the cheap version ahahahahahaha XD
it was SO amusing i can't believe they did this.