yummy : D

Hey guys!

Since there's nothing interesting to write about ..

let's let pictures talk ! (´* 0*)
isn't it just cute and lovely and .. everything ; _ ;.
A good friend of mine showed me a small chocolate and pie shop in my city.
It's so lovely in there and I'd love to show this shop to my girls one day :3

I truly miss all of my people .. they're so everything to me .. and this whole time without them is just to hard, buhu !

and I spent two days with Kyuhyun having so much fun so I NEED to post a picture taken in the cinema : D

haha XDD


lovely day : D

Hey guys !

Yesterday I finally met Mona again ♥
we made a piquenique at Rhein and had so much fun. : D
honestly I laughed my self away XDDD

well, i don't look great at all but I love the backround (´ 0 `/)
haha this one is more sexy XDDD
and my outfit was stolen from my mom ;P

looking forward to enjoy myself like this again (* 0 *)8


Lenses, Baby !

Hey, there !

I finally recieved my lenses about one week ago and I'm already thinking about buying a new pair because they're soo gorgeous (* 0 */)

Even though my eyes are very sensitive I have no problem wearing them about ten hours 4 following days.

Really, sometimes make up is more attaching then them, I'm so glad (´ V`)8

I know everyone ownes them but THEY'RE SO FUC*ING CUTE haha xDD.

Actually they're grey and 14mm so that I can wear them in everydaylife. The color is very near to my natural one so i'm glad with it : D

tödööö !! :DDD

by the way ..

buhu .. I want to be as thin as her (; _ ;)m



Karneval has been ok so far !

First I went to the Eifel with Patrizia & Verena.
Friday I was out with my boyfriend and his brothers

This is the youngest of five brothers as Ruffy from One Piece, haha. so cute |D

Actually I had about three outfits for the week.
The college girl you can see above, the old captain hat from my grandpa and the HELLO KITTY Kigurumi, als always ;p
On Sunday I went to Carnival tent next to my home with some friends but .. the group pictures are just so u g l y xDDD... so this one will take its' place.

Monday was fun as well but I don't own any fotos, yet (; 3;/) waiting for my ppl to upload them on Facebook, haha.

I also finally recieved my circle lenses but I'll show you late ;p