friday , saturday

Friday : went to STARBUCKS with Chrissi who never tasted Starbucks before and after one swallow totally fell in love : D
we met at 6 pm and took the last train at about 11 pm. So many hours of talking has been such a good day.

Just a small post of my Outfit from Saturday.
I went to KÖVIT with some of my friends and my boyfriend who works there.
Unfortunately but as expected the 'convention' was very boring but hanging with friends is lovely.
even though .. I didn't fell well at all .. don't know why ..

Tomorrow I'll go to the beach with my mummy and my hunney xD (haha ..)



another hot day and I'm melting away ..
(btw. dress by GALFIT)

look what I found in my mom's cosmetics bag (´* A*)/ . .
such a lovely smell !

anyways ..




Just sitting on a wall next to the city where we met.

I don't really like the picture but the context is lovely ! x3

same here XDDDDD

it's been one year .. and I hope I can forget the downs and always remember our ups ! (^ 3 ^/)


I'm Homesick ..

and it's so terribly hard to stand it.