Recently, I've got so many problems with my hair ;_;
But the things that annoys me the most are the bangs (x o x)"

you see ?? The bangs are always hanging around and IN my eyes and yes .. it's all too much.

But I can't decide wheter I want bangs like this :

so that I can wear it simple and straight but also slanted.

or whole slanted and messed up :



Hey !

I wonder if someone is ever reading it but anyways ..
It's been about 11 days since I made a post so now it's gonna be a bit more longer :3

Last week I prepared the valentines'present' even though I only had the money to make some sweets on my own.

Show you guys some pictures :

I tried to let mine look like them and it worked out, yeah!

This is the package .. ok it looks like a 3years old made it x_x

I need money .. (> 0 <)" So I decided to work in a small Café called "ROYAL CUPCAKE" because it's sooo cute and the owner is so great and funny xD. We just share the same humor and .. well some kind of lifestyle.
BUT! I didn't dare to ask him if he has a job for me,yet. ha ha. Obviously he needs people who work for him because he's the onlyone working there.

I also did some shopping but I wait till Katherine from pupe.jp allows me to go on with posting to upload it.


Back on ipod!

Sorry for the long time distance between my last entries but school just started and yeah ...
My laptop still hasn't wireless LAN so going online is very uneasy and takes a long time so I don't like wasting my time like this and yes I'm also lazy xD
But now I found a way to go online very easy!
Using my ipod touch!
The Internet quality is so damn great!!! <3
so glad Im able to check my mails daily
So if you want something from me write a mail or contact me on my blog or journal

Kisses, san.